Ruby Beach Adventure Engagement // Kia + Luke

October 12, 2020

Kia and Luke’s Ruby Beach adventure engagement session was an absolute blast. Plus, let’s face it, anytime a couple wants to bring a golden retriever along as cute as theirs, I am down!

We met a little over 3 years ago at the bar I was working at, he invited me to the next bar he was going to after I finished my shift. I agreed to meet up and the rest is history!


“We’re both from the Upper Midwest. I’m from Fargo, ND and Luke is from just across the Red River in Sabin, MN.

7 months into our relationship, his job on the Railroad was moving him to Washington State, and he had asked me to take the leap with him and go. We were both scared of leaving home with not having any family or friends in Washington, but we knew we had each other. We’ve learned so much about each other the last couple of years, and have grown tremendously! We miss home and eventually want to go back, but for now, we enjoy our adventures here and the amazing experiences we’ve had.”