For the in-love and adventurous at heart…


Intentionality: getting to know my couples, their likes and dislikes, their love languages, the things that make them who they are

Adventure and fun over perfection: let’s go explore a new location we’ve never been to before and just enjoy our time there while snapping away to capture your real, authentic selves

What your wedding day FEELS like, rather than what it looks like: how do you want to remember the best day of your lives?  How it felt, right?

I’m not a writer, or good with words, but I am great at capturing the moment and memorializing it forever in an image.  Your love is not something you always express with words – it is also seen and felt.  So my goal on your wedding day, is to capture memories that stir those emotions back up inside of you when you look through the photos years and years down the road.  Your wedding day goes by in a flash and photos are the one thing from that day that lasts forever.  So why not let someone who is invested in you and your love as well as the details and each little moment of your day capture it in all its glory?

Fun Facts

– I have an ADORABLE fur child named Winston – he’s a stinker but he’s soooo cute

– I am addicted to chocolate and coffee

– The Office quotes are my love language

– I hate avocados/guacamole – unpopular opinion, I know

– Favorite Netflix shows: The Office, Friends, The Walking Dead, That 70s Show, and Grey’s Anatomy

– I am an Enneagram 4w3

– My Myers-Briggs is INFJ – 51% introverted and 49% extroverted to be exact

– I live in my leggings and love being comfy

– I am a candle hoarder – I don’t always light them all but I love smelling them

– I can’t keep plants alive

Adventurous at heart is key...

If you’re like me and love the outdoors and seeing cool and amazing sights, but don’t necessarily always love the 10 mile hike to get to places and would rather drive to those amazing spots and take a 1 mile hike – THEN I’M YOUR GIRL