My goal is to create a seamless wedding experience for every client. From our first interaction to the final delivery of your wedding photos, I want you to feel completely taken care of. Once we make it official I will help guide you in scouting locations and building your dream team of additional vendors! While finalizing your wedding timeline, I will send you a plethora of useful resources to help you feel prepared for this unique experience! Last but not least, I will assist in your day-of planning to ensure nothing is missed and provide suggestions as needed. 


I define the term ambivert. I am introverted at heart but have no problem being extroverted in small groups. Connection really matters to me! Elopements and intimate weddings provide the perfect environment for me to feel present and engaged with you. Getting to know the few people you invite to your intimate ceremony feels extra special. Each part of the elopement and intimate wedding process is personalized, to be included in that is an honor! The focus is on your love, rather than pulling off a big production. I will always encourage you to create a ceremony that represents your story, no matter what that looks like!

Your love is rare - Your wedding should be too

Planning your elopement or wedding doesn’t have to be scary! I’ve broken this process down step by step to give you a general idea of how it all works. We will accomplish each part of this process together, easy peasy! Click here for a more thorough breakdown of the elopement and wedding planning process.

1. Pop the bubbly! Yas! You’ve decided to get married and you have chosen me as your photographer.

2. Share your vision with me 

3. Choose your locations and time of year 

4. Determine your budget  

5. Book your dream team of vendors 

6. Pick out your wedding attire

7. Create your guest list…if any! 

8. Make it legal

9. Plan your dream day!

How this works:

Your wedding is meant to be an experience that is 100% focused on you as a couple. Vulnerability and transparency about your love story allow your wedding photographer to truly “get it”. Creating a relationship with you is my number one priority as a photographer! I want you to feel seen and celebrated throughout this intimate experience. Understanding the details and quirks of you as a couple is not only useful for curating your love story, it's my favorite part!

Connection Matters

“There is no greater feeling than when two people who are perfect for each other overcome all obstacles and find true love.”

-Michael Scott

Learn more about adventure elopements!

An adventure elopement isn’t traditional. It’s an opportunity to showcase your love in a way that feels inspired and authentic. Think dreamy desert landscape or jaw-dropping mountain views. The ceremony can have two people or twenty. An adventure elopement is a celebration that replaces pressure and expectations with excitement and fun!

So what is an adventure elopement?

An adventure elopement is an intimate wedding experience completely customized by you. MOST adventure elopements involve a setting in nature - think jaw-dropping mountain views, roaring waterfalls, or vast desert landscapes. An adventure can also mean an epic day in the city or somewhere significant to you!

Elopement 101


What is an adventure elopement?

Simply put, an elopement has less than 20 people and doesn’t have a full-on ceremony. An elopement is also a completely customized wedding experience. Intimate weddings follow a similar timeline and layout of a traditional wedding but with less guests. 

What is the difference between adventure elopements and intimate weddings?

Eloping is perfect for the couple seeking a wedding ceremony that is fully focused on their love! In the past, eloping was seen as running away to get married. Today it is simply an alternative way to get married without external pressures and the need for a huge production. 

Should we elope?

Wherever your heart desires! Seriously - choose a place that you have always wanted to explore, a location that has special meaning to you, or ask me for recommendations! One of the coolest parts of my job is sharing the hidden gems that I have found throughout my years of experience. 

Where Should we elope?

This depends on the location you choose. I typically recommend spring and summer months to ensure the best weather and lighting possible! 

When Should we elope?

Fill out my contact form! You can find that here. Please be as detailed as possible!

How do we start the process?

Wedding photography is an investment, plain and simple. Investing your time and resources into a photographer that genuinely cares, makes a world of difference. My creative process reflects this care by capturing you for who you really are. Fostering real connection and friendship allows you to relax and just be YOU. This experience is a collaboration and I promise to share the resources, insights, and guides that I’ve acquired throughout my years of experience. 

What it's like to have a wedding photographer who cares...

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Don't have a plan yet?
Don't worry!

You’ve decided to get married, but that’s it (and that’s totally cool!). I don’t even need a date or location finalized. If you’re ready to inquire, don’t hold back because you don’t have the details figured out yet!

One of my goals as a wedding photographer is to create a completely customized experience from the moment we connect. I am here to help you make the best decisions possible for your dream elopement and have excellent tools to assist you along the way. After we decide to work together, you’ll be sent location ideas, questionnaires, any resources you may need to create a seamless and FUN experience. Let’s do this!

FIll out my contact form here and we'll Dream up your wedding day together!