Ultimate Guide to the Best Seattle Elopement Locations

November 24, 2023

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Alrighty friends, this is gonna be a long one! Seattle is by far one of the BEST areas in the country for epic adventure elopements, being that we have literally countless incredible mountains, forests, and coastal spots within just a few hours’ drive. It can be challenging to choose a spot when you have sooo many incredible options, which is why I put together this guide to the top 10 Seattle elopement locations!

This list has it all: rainforests, alpine lakes, waterfalls, beaches, snowy mountains, even some luxury treehouses and cozy A-frame cabins. I’ve got locations within 1 hour of the city, as well as within 2 hours or even 2+ hours away from Seattle if you’re up for a little bit more of a drive! Honestly, each and every one of these locations would be an amazing choice for your big day—it just depends on what type of atmosphere you’re envisioning, what kind of landscape you want as your backdrop, and what activities/amenities you want access to. 

Oh, and for a lot of these locations, I’ve actually included more specific locations for you to choose from (e.g. 3 of my favorite spots at Mount Rainier)—so this list actually gives you closer to 20-25 locations 😉 

Ready to see all the magic that this part of the PNW has to offer?

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Best Elopement Locations Within 1 Hour of Seattle

We’ll start off with locations that are a short driving distance from the city, so you could easily have your ceremony at one of these spots & then head back into Seattle for the evening.

Snoqualmie/North Bend

Distance from Seattle: 30 minutes

First up is the Snoqualmie and North Bend area, which you may recognize even if you’re not a PNW native–Snoqualmie is not only a popular waterfall in Washington, but also a famous brand of pancake & waffle mix😂Random, right? But we’re not here to talk about our fav breakfast foods today. Snoqualmie & North Bend are gorgeous areas just outside of Seattle with SO many amazing places to explore whether you’re looking for a 10-mile hike or a walk from your car, with access to crystal clear alpine lakes, hikes through the trees, and scenic mountain views galore.

Best Snoqualmie & North Bend elopement locations

Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond has become a super popular location for elopements, weddings, & other photoshoots in recent years, as it is VERY easy to access (and even wheelchair-friendly) and offers stunning mountain views.

Snoqualmie Falls

And duh, Snoqualmie Falls is an obvious one here! Whether you want to stay closer to the base of the falls or hike the 1.4-mile roundtrip trail from the upper falls viewpoint down to the lower falls, this is a great location year-round for elopements of all kinds. Snoqualmie Falls Trail is actually partially paved and wheelchair-friendly, too!

Rattlesnake Lake

Whether you want to keep it low-effort & explore around the base of Rattlesnake Lake, or you’d rather hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge for epic views of the North Bend area, this is an awesome elopement location. Have a romantic lakeside picnic after your ceremony, bring your dogs, walk around the lake, and enjoy the scenery—Rattlesnake Lake is a great option for any level of adventure that you’re looking for!

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is obviously a great Seattle elopement location, duh! As much as I love adventure elopements where we get to explore the phenomenal landscapes that Washington has to offer, there’s something so fun and exciting about elopements in the city, too. There’s something for everyone, whether you wanna elope at the courthouse and then have a small reception at a nearby restaurant, or you want to say your vows at sunset on a rooftop and then take creative portraits at a photography studio!

Best Seattle elopement locations

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is probably the most popular public park in Seattle, boasting beautiful views of Puget Sound + the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, grassy bluffs, and even a little lighthouse!

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Want a tropical elopement in the middle of the Pacific Northwest? Volunteer Park is a beautiful garden for ceremonies and portraits, but so is the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which is full of lush tropical foliage, bright green plants, and makes you feel like you’re not anywhere near the city.

We can also just explore the city and find great spots downtown to stop for portraits – there are TONS of rooftops, walls, alleys, and streets that are perf photo backdrops!

TreeHouse Point

Distance from Seattle: 25 minutes

TreeHouse Point is one of the most unique locations on this list—it’s a gorgeous chunk of land in Issaquah with multiple upscale treehouses + the most romantic atmosphere EVER. You can literally have your elopement in the trees, and then enjoy a mini reception beneath the lights before you head to bed in your gorgeous treehouse!

Emerald Forest

Distance from Seattle: 20 minutes

I’ve got one more treehouse for ya if that one didn’t quite fit your vision (or isn’t available for your date)! The Emerald Forest is an insanely cool destination in the forest just east of Redmond, with thirty acres of towering trees, moss-covered forest floors, and gorgeous amenities. Elope at the iconic Emerald Forest Theater, and then stay the night in the luxury on-site treehouse + relax in your private hot tub that’s literally up in the trees😍

Best Elopement Locations Within 2 Hours of Seattle

If you’re down to drive a little further, you’ll have access to some of the most iconic and breathtaking mountain destinations in the entire PNW. I’d say these spots are definitely worth the extra driving time 🙂

Mount Rainier

Distance from Seattle: 2 hours (to Nisqually park entrance)

Entrance fee: $30

Wedding permit required: Special Use Permit

Mount Rainier is literally the quintessential PNW elopement destination, so of course it made this list! Boasting some of the most phenomenal mountain landscapes in the country, you’ll find no shortage of top-tier adventure elopement locations at Rainier: the wildflower meadows, lush greenery, and hundreds of miles of epic trails make it pretty dang easy to find a spot that will take your breath away. Be sure to plan your Mount Rainier elopement for the warmest summer months (July-August) or early fall, as that’s when you’ll have access to all of the trails without having to worry about any snow! August is also peak wildflower season, so take advantage if you can and elope while the iconic meadows are bursting with gorgeous colors.

Best Mount Rainier elopement locations


Want to elope by those wildflowers I was talking about? Paradise is the place to go! This is where you’ll find those picturesque red & purple wildflowers blooming among the vibrant greenery, with jaw-dropping views of the Tatoosh mountain range in the background.


Sunrise is just as stunning as Paradise, but in a different way. You can still find beautiful wildflower meadows, but because Sunrise is located on the east side of the mountain that gets less rain, it’s often more barren and not quite as lush. It’s up to you whether you prefer epic views of the mountain itself or those dreamy wildflower meadows!

Tipsoo Lake

A great spot to elope at Chinook Pass if you want a more easily-accessible location where you can just park & walk!


The little towns around Mount Rainier have SO many adorable Airbnb’s that are perfect for staying the night after your elopement, or even to hold your ceremony at. I’ve worked with many couples who have had their ceremony on the deck or porch of their Airbnb, then headed into the park for portraits; this way, they didn’t have to worry about getting a Special Use Permit. Here are 3 Airbnb’s in Packwood and Ashford that my couples have loved!

Cozy River Cabin

The Little Blu A-Frame

Tye Haus

Deception Pass

Distance from Seattle: 1.5 hours

Entrance fee: $10 Discover Pass

If you want some coastal vibes without having to go all the way to the Olympic Peninsula, check out Deception Pass! With over 4,000 acres of gorgeous land connecting Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island, you’ll get to enjoy a diverse variety of backdrops for an elopement or portraits from bridges to seascapes to driftwood.

Best Elopement Locations 2+ Hours from Seattle

Down to venture a little further from the city? Hell yeah you are—you’ll be rewarded with epic scenery that you could only dream up for your elopement day!! Here are my favorite elopement locations within 2-3 hours of Seattle.

Mount Baker

Distance from Seattle: 2 hours

Entrance fee: $5 day-use fee at certain locations

Wedding permit required: None

Ugh I freaking looove Mount Baker more than you know—and it’s one of the more underrated spots in Washington. People usually think of Mount Rainier, the Olympics, and the Cascades when they think of mountains in the area, but Baker is just as incredible! With lots of trails to choose from, blue lakes, green grass galore, and insane colors in the fall, Mount Baker is perfect for a summer or early fall elopement near Seattle.

Best Mount Baker elopement locations

Artist Point

You HAVE to visit Artist Point for your elopement: the panoramic mountain views are freaking unreal, and you can explore so much of the area without having to hike a ton! Make sure it’s open before you go, as the final stretch of the Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point closes off in the winter & often doesn’t open up until early summer.

Heather Meadows

Heather Meadows is the perf spot to visit if Artist Point is closed, as it’s further down the road and is accessible even if Artist Point isn’t. The scenery is just as incredible with majestic mountain views, lush meadows, and everything else you could ask for in an alpine paradise! Make sure to hit up Picture Lake for some amazing mountain views reflected in the water on a clear day.

I’m so obsessed with Baker that I created a whole separate guide to eloping there—check it out here!

Olympic National Park

Distance from Seattle: 2-3.5 hours (depending on which part of the park you visit)

Entrance fee: $30

Wedding permit required: Special Use Permit

If you’re looking for one place that has it all, I’d recommend eloping in Olympic National Park! This park has some of the most diverse scenery in the state, including gorgeous rocky beaches, a fairytale-esque rainforest, a vibrant alpine lake, cascading waterfalls, and dramatic mountain views. No matter which landscape you choose as the backdrop to your day, you’ll have an amazing time exploring this spectacular park and stopping for portraits literally everywhere you go! A huge pro to eloping in Olympic National Park is that there are spots that are accessible all year-round, including the rainforest and coastal spots—so you’re not limited to just the warmest summer months like you are for many other locations on this list.

Best Olympic National Park elopement locations

Ruby Beach

Heading to the Olympic Peninsula for an elopement on the water? Ruby Beach is a MUST-visit with its iconic sea stacks, dreamy sunsets, driftwood, and tidepools!

Hoh Rain Forest

I literally will never get over how insane this rainforest is. It’s unlike any rainforest you’ll ever visit, with the coolest moss-covered trails, ferns literally everywhere you look, old-growth trees hanging above the paths, and gorgeous light peeking through the branches.

Lake Crescent

There’s nothing better than spending a day out on the water on a hot summer day, relaxing with your friends and fam in the sunshine and enjoying breathtaking mountain views all around you. Lake Crescent is the ideal elopement location for any couples who want a lakeside elopement with stunning scenery and plenty of nearby spots to explore (including waterfalls a little further into the trees along the shore!).

Hurricane Ridge

Want great mountain views but don’t want to put in a ton of effort? Trust me, I get it—Hurricane Ridge is perfect for ya! It’s essentially a drive-up viewpoint where you can walk around the fields and enjoy unreal views of the surrounding mountains, especially on clear days.

North Cascades National Park

Distance from Seattle: 2-4 hours (depending on which part of the mountain range you visit)

Entrance fee: None!

Wedding permit required: Special Use Permit

It always shocks me when people have never heard of the North Cascades!! Most non-PNW-natives are familiar with Mount Rainier and maybe even Olympic National Park, but the North Cascades tend to fall under the radar a little bit more—but they deserve justttt as much praise for their epic scenery and opportunities for adventure. Want to elope at a vibrant blue alpine lake? The North Cascades has plenty! Feel like hiking into the woods and exploring backcountry trails through the mountains? There’s a TON of options for ya. 

Best North Cascades elopement locations

Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake is one of the most picturesque (and Instagrammable) locations in the North Cascades, famous for its bright blue water that honestly looks like it’s been edited to make the color brighter + more saturated😂Enjoy the views from above at the Diablo Lake Overlook, and then head down to the base of the lake for your ceremony or elopement portraits!

Washington Pass Overlook

This overlook is literally located at a rest stop along the North Cascades Highway, near Stehekin. Park your car, walk the 0.3-mile trail through the trees, and bam—you’ll be amazed at the incredible mountains that come into view!


Distance from Seattle: 2.5 hours

Leavenworth is one of the more unique locations on this list, being that it’s a legit Bavarian-style village in the Cascades! If you’re not from Washington, you might not have ever heard of this weird & cozy little town, or you might’ve seen it on Instagram at Christmas—it’s sooo magical under the lights scattered across the town + with the snowy mountains in the background! Leavenworth attracts people from everywhere, but especially those who love the outdoors, as there’s a TON of opportunities for adventure in the area: hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, paddleboarding, white water rafting, I could go on and on. 

Best Leavenworth elopement locations

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee is a popular tourist attraction near Leavenworth, featuring spectacular mountain views, clear blue water, and a ton of opportunities for fun water sports. It can get pretty crowded, but if you time it right, it’s an amazing spot for a small lakeside ceremony or portraits! Plus, it’s open year-round🙌

Seattle Elopement Photographer

Whew, you made it to the end! Feeling like a Seattle-area expert yet? 😉 I can’t recommend ENOUGH hiring a Seattle elopement photographer who knows their shit and is super familiar with the area—it’ll make your planning process much smoother, and ensure you have a pro by your side the whole time. So if you’re looking for a photog to not just document your Seattle elopement, but help you choose your ideal location, pick your dress up off the floor, and help fluff your veil, I got you! Check out my Seattle elopement pricing & packages here, and then fill out my contact form here so I can hear all about you + your unique elopement vision!

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