12 Epic Mountain Wedding Venues in Washington State

March 15, 2024

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If you’re dreaming of tying the knot in the middle of the mountains, then you’ve come to the right place: this is a guide to all the best, most epic mountain wedding venues in Washington state! I am SO freaking lucky to call this place home, where we have such easy access to some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the country, all within a few hours’ drive from each other. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to get married in front of an epic mountain backdrop, surrounded by gorgeous greenery, snow-capped peaks, and maybe even an alpine lake or two?! I hope that one of these mountain wedding venues in Washington ends up being the perfect place for you to host your dream celebration, whether that looks like an intimate elopement at Mount Rainier or a small wedding in Olympic National Park 🙂

12 Epic Mountain Wedding Venues in WA

1. Crystal Mountain Resort | Mt. Rainier

First up is one of my all-time fave mountain wedding venues in WA, Crystal Mountain Resort. Fun fact: it’s the highest-elevation wedding ceremony location in Washington! It’s also the largest ski resort in the state, with over 2500 acres of alpine landscape, AND it doubles as an insanely breathtaking wedding venue. With dramatic mountain views, a wide selection of ceremony and reception venues, and an experienced on-site team of wedding professionals, it’s already every mountain-lover’s dream come true, but here’s the best part: you don’t have to hike at ALL to get to this incredible mountaintop setting—all you need to do is ride the scenic gondola up to it 😉 You know your girl loooves scenic locations that require little to no effort, so I’m obsessed with Crystal Mountain and how easy it is to access! That’s a huge plus for all of your guests, too; most wedding & elopement locations in the mountains require at least a little bit of a hike, which might limit who you’re able to invite and who’s able to safely + comfortably complete the hike. But nooo hike required here, you won’t have to break a drop of sweat in order to be rewarded with these spectacular views!

Here’s a quick glimpse of the different mountain wedding venues at Crystal Mountain Resort:

—Mt. Rainier Platform: the iconic mountaintop ceremony platform with views of not only Mt. Rainier, but also Mt. Baker, Mt. St. Helens, AND Mt. Adams! The platform can accommodate 200 seated guests.

—Rafters: A rustic ceremony and reception venue with vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and amazing views of the rest of the resort. It’s the most charming, cozy, elevated ski lodge ambiance! This venue can fit 175 guests max, without a dance floor, a buffet line, a DJ area, or a cake table; otherwise the max guest occupancy will be lower.

—Summit House: A beautiful space for rehearsals or intimate receptions of 50-80 people! This is the highest-elevation restaurant in Washington, with incredible views of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades. It sits at the top of the Mt. Rainier Gondola and features a beautiful fireplace, big windows, and a quaint little outdoor patio.

—Mountain Commons: This is actually Crystal Mountain’s newest venue, opening for weddings in July 2024, so you could be one of the first couples to have your wedding there! It’s going to be this gorgeous 25,000 square-foot, open-concept lodge with two levels, a.k.a. the ideal space for elevated receptions or cocktail hours.

2. Sunrise Picnic Area | Mt. Rainier

If you’re planning a smaller wedding or an intimate elopement, and you don’t need a full-on venue, the Sunrise Picnic Area at Mt. Rainier is an AMAZING spot to get married! Located just north of the Sunrise Visitor Center itself, this picnic area is one of the designated wedding locations within the national park, and is super popular thanks to its gorgeous mountain views and lush subalpine meadows. You’re allowed to have up to 30 people for a wedding at the Sunrise Picnic Area, and you’ll need to get a Mt. Rainier NP Special Use Permit, which I can help you with! The picnic area is typically open from July to September, but that can vary based on weather and road conditions, so make sure you monitor the weather leading up to your wedding and have a backup plan just in case. There are around 40 picnic tables you can use, so this is a great spot to have a little post-ceremony celebration with some lunch, snacks, and champagne! Permits can be issued for weddings at Sunrise on weekdays only, and multiple permits can be issued per day—so you won’t be turned away if there’s already a couple planning to get married there on your date.

And if you want to go on more of an adventure, there are TONS of incredible hiking trails around the Sunrise area that’ll take you through some amazing parts of Mt. Rainier NP. 10/10 recommend!

3. Paradise Picnic Area | Mt. Rainier

Paradise is the more lush side of Mt. Rainier, where you’ll find all those magical wildflower meadows you’ve probably seen photos of—and it’s just as incredible for elopements and weddings. While ANY part of Paradise is spectacular (especially for smaller elopements), one of the best spots to have a wedding with a larger group of people is the Paradise Picnic Area, located east of Longmire on the Paradise Valley Road. This picnic area has over 100 picnic tables, grills, potable water, restrooms, and even accessible picnic tables & parking spaces as well, so it’s a really great place to host a group of guests! You’ll have stunning views of Rainier, surrounded by plenty of greenery and endless trails you can hike if you’re looking to explore more of the area. You’re allowed to have up to 48 people for a wedding at Paradise Picnic Area, but unlike Sunrise, only ONE permit is issued per day—so be sure to apply as far in advance as possible to make sure you can get your desired date! Keep in mind that permits are also only issued for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so this isn’t a good spot for a weekend wedding.

Note: the photos below were taken on the Paradise side of Mt. Rainier, but not specifically in the picnic area!

Want to see a real example of what your day at Paradise could look like? Check out Teagan + Mitch’s Sunset Mountain Engagement Session at Mt. Rainier!

4. Tipsoo Lake | Mt. Rainier

If you loved Crystal Mountain Resort because you didn’t have to hike to get to breathtaking scenery, then you’ll LOVE Tipsoo Lake, too. Located on the eastern edge of Mt. Rainier NP at Chinook Pass, Tipsoo Lake is the most beautiful subalpine lake surrounded by wildflower meadows, grassy meadows galore, and beyond incredible views of Mt. Rainier. Seriously, the greenery here is to diiiie for, especially when the wildflowers are out in the late summer and all the meadows are dotted with vibrant, colorful blooms 😍Tipsoo Lake is usually accessible between June and October, and like any location at Mt. Rainier, your best bet to avoid crowds will be to elope on a weekday, or super early in the morning. You’re allowed to have a group of up to 8 people for a wedding at Tipsoo Lake, and only one permit is issued per day, from Tuesday to Thursday between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. Definitely try your best to apply for your permit way ahead of time so that you have the best chance at getting the date you want!

5. Copper Creek Inn | Mt. Rainier

If you want to elope close to Mt. Rainier but don’t necessarily need to be inside the park, or you just want to get married at a larger venue, Copper Creek Inn is such an awesome option. It’s essentially like you’re having a camping wedding with all your best buds and family members, but a little bit elevated; Copper Creek Inn has a variety of upscale cabins, cozy lodging, and even a yummy on-site restaurant for you to enjoy. If you and your partner love camping together and want that laid-back atmosphere where you can sit in the peace and quiet of nature, surrounded by nothing but trees and your favorite people, then you’ll love this venue! Plus, it’s only 2 miles from the Nisqually entrance to Mt. Rainier NP, giving you super easy access to the park in case you want to take any portraits there. The property is just over 6 acres with an enchanting natural woodland setting, and it has both indoor and outdoor venue options—so even if the weather isn’t ideal, you’ll still have a beautiful place to celebrate! Whether you have a small indoor wedding in the winter with just a few guests, or a large event on the covered porch of the Forest Retreat, you’ll be able to totally customize the venue to fit your unique celebration. And did I mention Copper Creek Inn has its own catering?!

If you’ve been loving all these Mt. Rainier elopement locations, you might wanna pop on over to my Ultimate Mount Rainier Wedding & Elopement Guide, where I dive wayyy deeper into eloping in this amazing park!

6. Artist Point | Mt. Baker

More low-effort mountain views for ya 🤤Artist Point is without a doubt one of the best mountain elopement locations in the PNW, boasting insane views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan that feel straight out of a freakin’ fairytale. The colorful wildflower meadows, the dramatic mountain scenery, the golden sunrises and sunsets. . . everything about Artist Point is a dream come true for mountain lovers, whether you love hiking and want to venture onto one of the many trails, or you just want to drive as close as you can get + walk to the pretty views. There are even a few little sparkling alpine lakes in the Artist Point area that are fairly easy to get to, and trust me, you do NOT want to miss out on them! One important thing to note about Artist Point is that the road leading up to it (the last portion of the Mt. Baker Highway) does close down seasonally for the winter, so if you head to Artist Point in the late fall, winter, or spring, you’ll have to park your car and then hike the final stretch to get there. But it’s soooo worth it you guys.

Want to learn more about eloping at Mt. Baker + see all the best spots to visit? Head to my Ultimate Mt. Baker Elopement & Wedding Guide!

7. Gold Creek Pond | Snoqualmie

If you’re searching for an ADA-accessible mountain wedding venue in Washington, then Gold Creek Pond needs to be at the top of your list. Nestled in the mountains at the top of Snoqualmie Pass, Gold Creek Pond is this gorgeous, crystal clear pond that reallyyy feels (and looks) more like a lake, complete with a small beach area, picnic tables, wildflowers, and an easy, paved loop trail. It’s an awesome option for couples who will have small children at their wedding, or any guests who might have mobility restrictions—or if you just want to take it easy and not have to hike in your wedding attire, haha! You could have an intimate ceremony on the beach, followed by a waterfront picnic with some yummy treats and celebratory champagne; maybe even take a dip in the water if it’s sunny and you’re feeling up for a little fun 🙂

8. Lake Crescent Lodge | Olympic National Park

Loving the lakefront wedding vibes and want another option to consider? Lake Crescent is an absolute stunner, sitting at the foothills of the Olympic Mountains just west of Port Angeles. It’s a suuuper deep lake with a bit of a moody, eerie vibe—especially if you get married there during the winter, or on a foggy morning—and it’s SO quintessentially PNW. Surrounded by greenery, mountains, sandy shores, and even a waterfall nearby, Lake Crescent on its own is spectacular, but when you add the fact that there’s a whole lodge right on the shore, it becomes a no-brainer! This is the perfect wedding venue for couples who want to tie the knot + spend time with their loved ones in a charming, woodland setting right on the water. It’s an amazing place to stay if you want to spend time exploring the rest of Olympic National Park, with this cozy lodge as a home base to come back to. What better way to spend quality time with your friends and fam than having everyone stay in this lakeside retreat together?!

P.S. Make sure to get a Special Use Permit if you end up eloping in Olympic National Park!

9. Hurricane Ridge | Olympic National Park

Ugh I’m OBSESSED with Hurricane Ridge. It’s the most easily-accessible mountain area in Olympic National Park, boasting unparalelled views of the Olympics and gorgeous subalpine meadows everywhere you look. Getting to the summit doesn’t require any hiking in the summer, as the road up to the summit stays open throughout the summer; however, it does close down in the winter, so you’ll want to stick to the warmer months for weddings at Hurricane Ridge. There are a number of hiking trails nearby that you can take if you want to explore + find more epic scenery to admire—especially at sunrise or sunset, when the views of the park are extra magical!

10. Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort | Leavenworth

Let’s head a little further east to Leavenworth, one of my favorite towns in Central Washington. This Bavarian-style village is wildly popular for its unique setting, delicious food, scenic views, and endless outdoor recreation—making it a phenomenal place to get married. While there are many beautiful wedding venues in Leavenworth, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort is one of the most popular ones, offering the most incredible, secluded mountain retreat vibes. Some of the best features of this resort are the on-site spa, hot tub, dog-friendly spaces, luxuriously modern rooms, and the many gorgeous venues you have available to you. Did I mention you can also book private yoga classes at this resort for you and your partner, or maybe you and your wedding party?! Sounds like such a fun way to kick off an unforgettable wedding weekend!

11. Lake Wenatchee State Park | Wenatchee

Next up is Lake Wenatchee State Park, which is just half an hour away from Leavenworth, and offers the most amazing views of the Cascades! This clear blue lake and the entire surrounding area are freaking stunning, and there’s sooo much to explore, from the sandy beach to the swimming areas to the tree-lined shores. It would be SO fun to spend a day at the lake with your friends and fam during the summer, just enjoying the sunshine and heading out on the water on a boat, kayak, paddleboard, etc. before you officially tie the knot. You’ll need a Discover Pass in order to park your car at Lake Wenatchee State Park, as well as a Special Activity Permit for your wedding.

12. Airbnbs/private rentals

Finally, you also have the option to rent out an Airbnb, VRBO, or other private home for your wedding—as long as the host gives you permission. There are seriously ENDLESS gorgeous Airbnbs across the PNW that make for suchhh dreamy elopements and intimate weddings; some have relaxing hot tubs, large outdoor decks, saunas, mountain views. . . seriously so many options for an amazing celebration, especially if you have multiple days to explore and enjoy the area you’re in. Make sure to check with the host before you book to see if they’re okay with you having your elopement/wedding on the property, and that you follow all of their rules + respect the place they’re sharing with you!

Cozy River Cabin is one of my personal favorite Airbnbs in Washington; I’ve photographed multiple elopements at this beautiful A-frame near Mt. Rainier, and it never disappoints. Check out Andrea + Jonathan’s Joyful Cabin Elopement at Mt. Rainier to see a real-life example of this amazing, romantic AF cabin!

BONUS: Fire lookouts

And one more honorable mention real quick—fire lookouts! There are TONS of fire lookouts across Washington state that make for amazing elopement locations, if you’re down for at least a moderate hike. Some fire lookouts are pretty small and don’t have a ton of space around them, whereas others may have more room for a group of guest—so be sure to do your research ahead of time and find one that fits the amount of hiking you want to do, the amount of people you’ll have, the type of views you’ll want, etc. Fire lookouts can be such a cool way to experience the insane mountain views we have here in Washington, and what a freaking epic place to get married!

Washington Mountain Wedding Photographer

Guess who that is? Your girl here! Documenting couples as they experience the magic of our mountains here in Washington is SUCH an incredible gift, and I will never, ever get tired of exploring these epic landscapes with people who are so dang in love. Whether you know exactly which mountain wedding venue you want to get married at or you’re still clueless, know that I’m here to help you along the way and provide all my expertise to help you plan your dream day. If you’re ready to connect, fill out my contact form and send me all the details of what you’re envisioning! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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