Engagement Session at The Painted Hills // Christine + Shawn

October 25, 2020

Couples, Engagement

Deep in the heart of Oregon is the Painted Hills. This is a breathtaking spot where millions of years of history can be seen in the colored layers of the earth. Here, I had the opportunity to photograph Christine and Shawn’s engagement session!

The Painted Hills

We kept to the boardwalks to be respectful of the land and its beauty (always follow LNT principles when you’re out adventuring!). But even still, this was a highlight of my 2020 sessions. It almost felt like we were on a whole other planet! The day was unexpectedly freezing cold, but the sun was out and lit up all the gorgeous rust and orange tones in the dirt. 

If you’re planning a visit here, I have some tips for you! First, I recommend visiting on a weekday. It tends to be more crowded on the weekend! Also, plan to have limited or no cell service, since it can be spotty!

Christine and Shawn’s Engagement Photos

Shawn and Christine rolled with the punches despite the cold weather, getting creative about where to hide hand-warmers to keep their fingers and toes alive. Christine was a champ in her sleeveless dress. You can’t even tell by looking at these photos that she was colder than both Shawn and I! We did a fun champagne pop and cheers before heading to the Painted Hills overlook for some incredible sunset and post-sunset photos, which was a truly awe-inspiring view. 

Christine and Shawn were silly, fun, and so sweet to photograph. Their personalities really shone through in this session, and their love is so evident it was easy to capture it on camera! I’m so lucky to also be photographing their wedding in July 2021, and I can’t wait! 

black and white photo of couple sitting on the boardwalks at the Painted Hills, Shawn resting his hand on Christine's cheek.
Christine holds Shawn's elbow, smiling at him at their engagement session in the Painted Hills
Couple stands forehead to forehead at the Painted Hills for their engagement photos.
Shawn hugs Christine from behind on the boardwalk at the Painted Hills in Oregon.
Shawn and Christine walk down the path through the Painted Hills.
close up of Shawn and Christine holding hands on the path at the Painted hills.
Shawn twirls Christine on the path at the Painted Hills at sunset.
Shawn lifts Christine, smiling at her, at the Painted Hills where they had their engagement photos taken.
Shawn and Christine hold up champagne glasses in a toast at the Painted Hills.
Couple runs toward the camera at the Painted Hills viewpoint.
Couple embraces at a viewpoint over looking the Painted Hills in Oregon.
Christine hugs Shawn from behind him at an overlook point with the Painted Hills in the background.
Shawn and Christine hold hands with the Painted Hills behind them.
Christine rests her head on Shawn's shoulder, the Painted Hills behind them in the distance.
Couple looks away from the camera in  opposite directions, the Painted Hills behind them.
Couple blurry in the foreground, embracing, with the Painted Hills behind them in focus.
Close up of couple holding hands, Christine's pearl engagement ring visible, at the Painted Hills in oregon.
Couple blurry in the foreground, embracing, with the Painted Hills behind them in focus.
couple stands in front of their white car, smiling at the camera, with the Painted Hills in the background.
Couple shares a kiss in front of their car, headlights on, with the Painted Hills visible in the background.

The Painted Hills are the perfect location for an engagement session like Christine and Shawn’s, or an incredible elopement or adventure session. This is a location you can’t pass up if you’re thinking about getting married in Oregon! Reach out to me here to ask about elopement photography, and I’ll give you all the tips and tricks I have about the Painted Hills area!