Seattle Proposal at Discovery Park // Bladen + Ryan

December 30, 2020

Couples, Engagement

This is one of my all-time-favorite Seattle proposal stories! It’s a tear-jerker, so get ready!

Back in August, Bladen reached out to ask me to capture his proposal, with the exact date ready and everything. He was so prepared and so ready to get engaged, and I loved how excited he was. He immediately knew he wanted to propose on a beach, with a friend of his helping make sure things went well.

At the last minute, the friend couldn’t make it, so we switched our plans and went to the lighthouse in Discovery Park here in Seattle. I showed him pictures from previous sessions, told him where to park, where to stand when he proposed. I was determined to make sure things went perfectly despite some quick changes! Bladen had never been in the area before, so I made sure he knew I had everything under control and planned down to every detail!

It was incredibly windy and cold, but thankfully wasn’t raining. Bladen and Ryan were awesome through it! They’d spent the whole day in Seattle, adventuring at Pike Place and exploring. I got to the park 30 minutes early, and took photos of the beach and the gulls once I spotted them to try and not look suspicious while I actually watched them through the camera.

The Proposal

When they got to the spot where I knew he’d get down on one knee, I quickly moved closer so I could catch everything! Ryan’s reaction was the absolute cutest thing. She was so shocked and surprised, and there were happy tears! She was surprised to see me there! Bladen had such a fun time explaining how he’d planned it all out in secret while pouring champagne he’d asked me to bring.

I learned that the ring he’d proposed with had been his grandmother’s (and it fit her perfectly!). This was a sweet detail on top of a day that had already been so incredible for me. There was so much excitement and anticipation, and I loved getting to experience the moment with Bladen and Ryan before they headed out to spend time with her family.

Bladen on one knee for his proposal in Seattle at Discovery Park.
Couple celebrates after seattle proposal at Discovery Park
Couple kisses and clinks champagne glasses after seattle proposal in Discovery park
Couple walks toward the camera after their seattle proposal in discovery park
Couple shares a kiss after proposal in seattle at discovery park
close up on the ring at this seattle proposal
Couple shares a kiss after proposal in seattle at discovery park

Capturing this proposal here in Seattle for Bladen and Ryan was so much fun. The rush of getting engaged is such a great feeling! Reach out to me here to have me document your proposal!