Rainy Seattle Elopement with a Virtual COVID Ceremony

December 19, 2020


Covid-19 made a lot of my couples change and adjust their wedding plans in 2020. This sweet bride and groom decided to have an intimate Zoom ceremony to tie the knot. This was the best way to keep their loved ones safe while still inviting them into the celebration. An intimate Seattle elopement that their loved ones could be present for turned out to be the perfect wedding day for these two!

The only people physically present for this ceremony were the bride, groom, and me; even the officiant was only there through the power of video calls! The couple’s closest friends and family also joined in to watch over Zoom, via a simple iPad setup

The couple said their vows on the balcony of their Seattle apartment. I loved the idea of holding the ceremony right at home! It’s an intimate setting that will hold so much meaning for them as they start a new life together. In typical Seattle fashion, the rain was close by all day, but this couple stayed dry under their balcony overhang as they read their vows to each other for the first time. Capturing the reactions they had to the words they had written to each other was such a privilege!

After the ceremony, we hopped over to Volunteer Park to take more photos. The rain added the perfect amount of moodiness to the day, especially once I found a beautiful, old brick observatory to use as a backdrop. We were even able to find some dense forested spots, giving the impression we were out in the wild instead of in Seattle, which really added to the magic of this elopement. 

At the end of the day, the bride and groom’s puppy joined the party! I caught some sweet family shots and lots of puppy kisses! Even though not everyone was physically present, the love was heartfelt and beautiful, making for a sweet elopement and so many good memories to cherish. 

close up of bride and groom's hands, and the bride's bouquet, on their seattle balcony before their elopement ceremony.
couple waves at their family through iPad facetime from their seattle balcony at their elopement.
black and white of bride smiling at groom at their seattle elopement, which took place on their balcony.
bride reads her elopement vows to the groom on their seattle balcony
groom places the ring on bride's finger at their elopement, which took place on their seattle balcony.
bride slides ring onto groom's finger at their elopement, which took place on their seattle balcony.
couple smiles at the FaceTime iPad, where their family chimed in to the seattle elopement ceremony.
couple smiles at each other in a portrait at Volunteer Park, where they went after their seattle elopement on the balcony of their apartment
groom twirls bride at volunteer park, where they took portraits in seattle after their elopement on their apartment balcony.
couple stands on the steps of an old building in volunteer park, seattle in their elopement attire
couple walks under an umbrella on their rainy elopement day in seattle, where they took portraits in volunteer park.
couple stands and smiles at each other on the path in volunteer park, seattle, in their elopement attire.
black and white elopement portrait of the couple standing in volunteer park, seattle
couple holds hands in their elopement attire in volunteer park, seattle
black and white cropped photo of the couple holding hands and standing in volunteer park in seattle in their full elopement attire.
couple stands and smiles at the camera in volunteer park, seattle, where they took their elopement portraits.
bride leans up and kisses groom on the cheek after their elopement ceremony in seattle.
bride hugs the groom from behind after the elopement ceremony in seattle.
groom gives the bride a kiss after their seattle elopement on their apartment balcony.
bride holds her elopement bouquet, white roses, in volunteer park, seattle.
black and white photo of the groom smiling at the camera after his elopement ceremony in seattle.
couple smiles and laughs, walking towards the camera in their elopement attire in seattle.
couple stands holding hands, nose to nose, in an intimate elopement portrait in seattle's volunteer park.
close up on couple's feet, and their dog's paws, after their seattle elopement.

Not every elopement plan has to involve elaborate travel! These two stuck close to home in Seattle and were able to have a memorable, comfortable elopement. I can’t wait to hear about your elopement plans, whether they’re epic and faraway or close to home!